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Women's health by Dr. Lalita Badhwar

Post by on Sunday, September 5, 2021

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Q. How to overcome with severe pain during menstrual cycle and how to cure white discharge? Is it okay to take painkillers? 
A. To control pain during periods, one should take a painkiller when the pain starts. It is ok to take painkillers, if not more than 3 to 6 tablets in an entire period. However, if periods are always very painful, it is good to contact a Gynaecologist
Q. How should a girl with a sedentary lifestyle keep herself motivated to take care of her reproductive health? 
A. Physical exercise is very important to maintain good reproductive health.. one of the best ways of getting the exercise is to walk. One can start with only 15 minutes of brisk walking, 6 days a week. Every week, increase it by 5 minutes till one is walking for 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week.
Not only is this good for reproductive health, it is also  good for the bones, heart, sugar levels and overall health. It also keeps one looking slim and smart. That in itself is usually a good motivation for most girls and women
Q. If late marriage (marriage after 35) reduces chance of conceiving ? 
A. The fertility of most women starts going down at a relatively rapid pace after 35 years of age. Therefore, a late marriage would be associated with slightly lower chances of conceiving. However, many women conceive quite easily, even after 35 years of age
Q. What is the cause of irregular periods? 
A. Delayed periods are often due to a hormonal disturbance called PCOD.
Early periods can be due to pelvic infection or hormonal disturbance including Thyroid disorder.
It is best to have a detailed consultation with a Gynaecologist in case of persistent problem
(Pl do have a look at videos on women's menstrual health at Rising Kashmir's YouTube channel) 
MBBS, MD Senior Consultant Gynaecologist 
& Advanced Hysteroscopic & Laparoscopic 
Surgeon, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

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