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Without a filtration plant, 400 households forced to use contaminated water in Kulgam village

Dozens of children sick as water termed unfit for human consumption

Post by on Wednesday, August 3, 2022

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Kulgam, August 02: As many as 400 households of  Brinal village of  south Kashmir’s Kulgam district using contaminated water as the Jal Shakti department has failed to set up a filtration plant in the area.
Locals said that scores of children have fallen sick as they are using contaminated water form open springs and a nearby nallah. “Diseases like jaundice have been reported maong several children, they said.
They said that the Jal Shakti department is fetching water from the springs and the nallah and stores it in the reservoir which reaches households for utilization without any filtration.
Every time it rains in the area, open sources springs and the nallah gets polluted and the locals are forced to use the contaminated water, they said.
Majhabeena Akhtar, the Sarpanch of village Brinal, said, “We have been demanding a filtration plant for a very long time now. The department claims to have applied for approval to proceed with the project."
Meanwhile, after the recent jaundice outbreak in the village, a team of doctors was sent to the village of Brinal to examine the situation and inform people of diseases caused by impure drinking water.
The microbiologists at Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP) Anantnag graded the water sample as “unsatisfactory” and said, “the water samples taken from the reservoir are not fit for human consumption and other uses.”
A team of physicians has been visiting the area since the report of unsatisfactory water supply in the village has come to fore.
 A health official confirmed that 15 children have been affected due to contaminated water. "We are educating and asking the locals to boil the water before using it for drinking purposes,” said a health official.
Speaking to Rising Kashmir, an official from the Jal Shakti Department said that the department has already requested permission from the Forest Department as the proposed site where the filtration plant is to be set falls under the Forest department.
“We are waiting for permission. A filtration plant and an additional service reservoir are pending projects for the area,” he added.

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