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With 20 patented inventions, Bandipora engineer aspires to create innovation culture in Kashmir

Post by on Thursday, October 28, 2021

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From Kangri-based smart-phone charger to self-cleaning poultry utensils, “Kashovatics”, a research and innovation institute headed by acclaimed innovator, Engineer Jehangir Aurshad Bhat, has come up with more than twenty patented inventions.

Almost two hundred more innovations are in the pipeline. The aim is simple--improve the quality of life around the world, especially in Kashmir.

A University of Texas graduate, the passionate engineer from Bandipora is a five-time gold medalist in innovation and invention at the international level. He has also a medal of honor from the Inventorium of Purtugsia and Serbia. 

His centre Kashvotics, a word derived from Kashmir and Innovation, is Kashmir’s first innovation institute that aims to solve everyday problems with innovations, inventions, and simple hacks-- all the while creating innovators from amongst the students and common people.

 While speaking with Rising Kashmir, Jahangir Aurshad Bhat said, “Our dream is to make every student/individual an innovator.

“In our everyday life, all of us do one sort or the other sort of Jugaad (hack) with lots of things to make our lives better. Sometimes we do some hacks with our electric devices, sometimes with appliances, and sometimes with other things.

All these simple and ingenious hacks are innovations and many of us have the potential to become serious innovators. The trouble is we do not realize it,” he says.

At Kashovatics, Jahangir and his team have garnered the attention of innovators from around the world. The team also helps the students and individuals with research and developing the prototypes of their inventions. Once the invention works out, they help them acquire copyrights and get their inventions patented. “Every assistance is free of cost,” he adds.

 “All the help at Kashovatics is extended free of charge. Our only aim is to help solve all those problems that innovation or an invention can help eradicate,” Engineer Rauf Ul Alam Bhat, senior innovation advisor at Kashovatics said while speaking with Rising Kashmir.

Recently, two students from the institute, Manan Sajad Malik and Farhana Fayaz Batoo, came up with Carbon-monoxide Detection and Ventilation System; a device that would reduce the number of deaths occurring every winter in Kashmir due to the asphyxiation caused by gas and coal heaters.    

 “At Kashovatics, they teach us to stop pouring over books and start applying the acquired knowledge. We have redefined the meaning of engineering, because in our colleges, engineers are taught to be only mechanics, when the spirit of engineering is that you have to be an innovator who makes life better by coming up with inventions,” Manan Sajad says. 

Situated on the banks of the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar and functioning out of a small attic room, Jehangir’s Kashovatics has attracted students and individuals from all walks of life.

“Kashovatics provides a platform to budding and aspiring innovators to streamline their ideas. We never take credit from them. It remains theirs,” the passionate engineer Jehangir adds further.

Some of the unique innovations that the innovators at Kashovatics have come up with are Kangri-based smartphone charger, Automatic titration plant: a device that has mechanized the titration in chemical experiments; Smart cradle system for babies, self-cleaning utensil system for poultry farms, Smart apiary system that autonomously watches the Honeybee’s hives and various other ingenious innovations.

Bhat himself has come up with an innovation called Baby Pee Sensing And Foretelling Device, a system that detects the urine in the urinary bladder non-invasively and alarms the mother or a nurse in the condition of a patient’s or baby’s full urinary bladder.

The said invention was particularly welcomed by the medical community for its application in paralytic and prosthetic patients.

Bhat believes that this particular invention alone would help parents around the globe get rid of diapers and has been seeing a substantial response from scientists and innovators in Japan.

He aims to take his innovative ideas to school children and his next institute is soon opening in Kashmir’s District Bandipora. At this institute, he wishes to focus entirely on the children and instill a temperament for innovation. 

“By instilling innovative temperament in children, we can secure their future,” Bhat adds hopefully.

He advises the young generation to have faith in themselves and keep exploring the unexplored. 

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