Winter can increase risk of heart attack: Dr Sanjay Kumar
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Winter can increase risk of heart attack: Dr Sanjay Kumar

Post by on Saturday, November 20, 2021

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According to Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Cardiac Surgery, Manipal Hospitals, the sudden drop in the temperature compels the heart to work harder, which affects the blood supply and results in an increased risk of a heart attack.
He said the harsh weather can also extend the problems like a stroke, blood pressure, chest pain, heart failure, or joint pain.
Heart problems are common and the leading cause of death worldwide. The number of cardiovascular patients is increasing, and with changing weather, the risk can get higher. Winters are known as "the season of heart attacks" there are many theories and data that prove this statement. 
According to the winter cardiovascular study by "North American Journal of Medical Science, "there is a clear seasonal trend of cardiovascular diseases, with the highest incidence occurring during the colder months.
In many countries, the phenomenon has claimed the lives of many people in winter. "With changing weather, it is necessary to spread awareness among the people and equip them with all the details to fight against CVD in winter,” Dr. Sanjay Kumar said. 
Dr. Sanjay Kumar provided tips to avoid complications in winters:
Dress appropriately, wear sweaters, socks, gloves, and other clothes to keep yourself warm in the cold weather. Elderly people, children, and pregnant women should be extra careful to stay protected against the cold weather. 
Avoid going out for exercises in the outdoors as it can increase the risk of a heart attack. 
Do not ignore the symptoms like fever, cold, cough, headache if, stays constant for a long time. The situation might become out of control later.
Winter increases the chances of heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and sudden death. Therefore, don't put unnecessary pressure on your heart.
Make sure you monitor your blood pressure, blood sugar level, cholesterol, and ECG to minimize heart problems.
Quit alcohol and smoking to boost the function of blood vessels and lungs that can be a direct risk to the heart.
People with health conditions and medications should follow the treatment strictly, as chronic health condition weakens the immune and expose you to increased dangers.
Follow a balanced diet and healthy routine. Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables improves your immunity to fight against several diseases. Add ginger and garlic to your diet especially, in winters.
Drink warm water, soups, and hot drinks to avoid sour throat and maintain your body temperature in the cold weather. 
In case of any abnormality or discomfort in the body, contact your doctor immediately.
Winters are surely the best time and favorite for many people, but it is important to keep yourself warm and avoid unwanted troubles. Heart problems can happen to anyone at any age, and winter increases that risk. Eat healthily, stay fit, and take all the precautions to enjoy your winters. 

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