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Why 'dowry' supersedes 'dower'?

Post by on Sunday, October 3, 2021

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The insight on “Mahr” or “Dower” under Islamic Law is important to understand that dower and dowry are two very different concepts. Both these concepts differ on a very essential basis; where one (dowry) is a social evil the other (dower) provides the women financial security during and after the marriage. 
When we hear the word “dowry” or “dahej” we are reminded of the cruelty caused to married women to extract more dowry and this leads to the spreading of a social evil which suppressed women in India for a very long time and even led to some committing suicides. The personal law (Islamic Law) which regulates Muslim marriage has totally prohibited demand of and taking dowry in any form.
Muslim ummah must think on this point that dower as an obligation on the husband affords protection to women and the other dowry (materialistic greed) paves way for the destruction of families. So, the need of the time is to sincerely rethink on the matter, whether dower or dowry can rebuild our social structure and prosper in the pious relationship of marriage.
Noor UL Shahbaz
Lecturer and former acting Principal at Sopore Law College

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