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Wet weather hampers road resurfacing, restoration: CE R&B

‘More than 50 percent of road stretch resurfaced in Srinagar district, hopeful of dry weather for restart’

Post by on Tuesday, August 2, 2022

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Srinagar, Aug 01: As the month of July witnessed maximum of wet weather, with short spells of heavy rainfall, resurfacing, macadamization of roads in the Srinagar along with other parts of the valley got hampered, said an official on Monday.
Chief Engineer Kashmir R&B Rafiq Ahmad Rafiq told Rising Kashmir that wet weather has impacted the working of the department as far as the resurfacing or repairs of the roads are concerned. 
“Wet weather has played a spoiler as far as macadamization or resurfacing of roads in the valley is concerned, the downpour has put us behind for a stretch of around 200 KMs as on an average on daily basis our coverage is around 10KMs”, CE R&B.
CE Kashmir R&B said that for district Srinagar they have covered more than 50 percent of road macadamization, and resurfacing, saying that they are hopeful of dry weather in the coming days so that they can restart the work.
Regarding the repair and resurfacing of road sections in Srinagar that come under R&B, the officials stated that there is around 407 KM of the road in Srinagar that has been finished, with about 105 KM of that length being within the purview of Construction Division 1st & 2nd. 
“Wherever maintenance or resurfacing is required in Srinagar, it will be undertaken." The restoration has been delayed owing to the wet weather, but it will be completed as soon as the weather improves”, CE R&B Rafiq Ahmad Rafiq said.
He did, however, clarify that road resurfacing or maintenance in Srinagar is undertaken by different agencies and departments in addition to R&B.
"Various road segments in Srinagar are being restored or repaired as part of the Smart City initiative and are being checked up directly by them." The Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) is also looking into a larger length of Srinagar roadways," he said. 
According to R&B district officials, Srinagar has a total road reach of roughly 1758 KM, of which 1394 KM is being reviewed by the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), while the remaining road stretch is under R&B and includes a minor road stretch that goes within Budgam district. 


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