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We can protect J&K’s interests through peaceful, democratic means only: AP

Post by on Monday, July 4, 2022

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Srinagar, July 03: Apni Party Sunday held a workers convention at Dak Bungalow Sopore to discuss the party’s future strategy in view of the forthcoming assembly elections.
A statement from the AP said that a large number of workers and party functionaries attended the event, in which a series of public issues were highlighted and discussed.
The party leaders while addressing the gathering urged the workers to enhance their political activities and public outreach programme to ensure that the people are well aware of the unambiguous policies and agenda of the Apni Party, the statement said.
Mohammad Ashraf Mir, while speaking at the function said, “Apni Party has a very clear agenda and that is to work for the peace, prosperity, and development of Jammu and Kashmir. We have come here today to convey the message that the Apni Party is committed to working for peace, prosperity, and development. We want political and economic empowerment of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.”
Talking specifically about the Sopore town Mohammad Ashraf Mir said, “Once upon a time, this historic town was known as ‘Chota London’ because of the economic well-being of the people here. However, the situation has changed for the worst over the years. Now we do not see any growth in terms of prosperity and development in this town.”
MuntazirMohiuddin, in his speech said, “The sponsored act of rigging in the elections in 1987 was a turning point for the political and social scenario of this historic town. The unfortunate occurrences in 1987 drew a long-term impact on the minds of the people here. It was the responsibility of the government of India to take initiatives to restore the public faith in democratic exercises and democratic institutions, but nothing was done to regain the faith of the people.”
Urging people to trust the Apni Party’s agenda, Muntazir said, “Unlike the traditional political parties, who have always been deceitful to the people, Apni Party has an unambiguous agenda. Our agenda is to ensure sustained peace and the durable prosperity of the people. We do not believe in deceitful slogans. We say only what we truly believe is achievable. I assure you that the Apni Party will not leave any stone unturned to ensure peace, prosperity, and development of Jammu and Kashmir.”
Javed Hassan Baig said, “Apni Party’s policy is very clear in terms of its goals. We do not promise the moon and the stars to the people, but we can assure you a dignified life, sustained peace, and opportunities for the youth. Apni Party wants political and economic empowerment of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.”
The leaders asked the Sopore people not to fall into the trap of traditional political parties again.
“These political parties have pushed our youth to destruction by their misleading and emotional slogans. They have always misled the people for their own political gains. The Apni party does not believe in emotional politics, we do not want our people to suffer. We have had enough over the years,” they said.
Shoaib Lone, while addressing the workers urged them to enhance their political activities and public outreach programme to connect with the masses on the grass-root level.
“The people have expectations with the Apni Party and we ought to fulfil their expectations in terms of raising their collective issues and bringing these issues to the notice of the concerned officials to ensure they are addressed properly,” he said.

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