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Waqf properties ‘misappropriated’ brazenly on behest of pol leaders: Dr Darkhshan Andrabi

Post by on Friday, August 12, 2022

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Srinagar, Aug 11: Chairperson, J&K Waqf Board, Dr.DarkhshanAndrabi on Thursday said few vested interested elements who grabbed Waqf properties and those political leaders who patronized them are “cancer for a society”. She said such elements have made the Waqf empty inside with their brazen misappropriation.
Dr.Andrabi was speaking over the visit to Jammu and Poonch where she took a detailed review of Waqf operations recently. “The Jammu and Poonch visit was very hectic for me. The Waqf assets have been grabbed brazenly there by some vested interested elements,” she said.
“Though documents lie with Waqf shows enough properties including land, schools, shops, residential houses etc in hand but physically there exists nothing on ground. All has been occupied and grabbed,” she claimed.
She said few vested interested people on the behest of political leaders have grabbed major properties of Waqf in broad daylight.
“The Waqf assets have been grabbed and looted by elements having tacit support of political leaders. They have occupied the properties of Waqf brazenly,” she alleged.
“Such irregularities happen only when a person knows he/she will not be touched ever due to patronage of political corridors. Keeping the circumstances of the past 75 years into account, the people and their political masters have plundered the properties of Waqf while knowing themselves above the law,” Dr.Andrabi said.
“These people and their political leaders harmed Waqf assets. They have made this public institution empty. Such elements are cancer for society,” she added.

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