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Waqf not for few people but for all: Dr DarakhshanAndrabi

Attends programmes at TujarSharief, Watlab

Post by on Tuesday, August 23, 2022

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Srinagar, Aug 22: Chairperson of Jammu & Kashmir Waqf Board, Dr DarakhshanAndrabi Monday visited the important spiritual destinations of North Kashmir TujjarSharief and Watlab. She paid obeisance at the sufi shrines of HazratMakhdsoom Sahib at TujjarSharief and Baba Shukoor-ud-din at Watlab and took stock of the facilities for pilgrims and need for improving the management systems and the infrastructure at these shrines.
The official spokesperson said that Dr Andrabi held meetings with the Waqf Board staff and issued many orders on the spot. “These shrines are our spiritual centers and we have to ensure the dignity of these shrines and the saints with whom these shrines are associated. The mass acceptance of our measures speaks volumes about the errors which existed within the system,” said Dr Darakhshan. She said that only a few people are opposing & shouting in the media against these moves to correct the errors because of their personal interests. “Waqf is not for a few people but for all. Decisions to streamline the Waqf working system have annoyed a few but assured the majority of accountability & we will not allow Waqf to remain a business enterprise for a selected few,” said Dr Andrabi. She emphasized on the Waqf employees to dedicate themselves for service of the people. Dr Andrabi inaugurated a medical centre at TujjarSharief& also presided over the annual function of Waqf Higher Secondary School at Waqtlab. She praised the students & the staff for their amazing talented performances. “Waqf owns a big chain of schools & other educational institutions in J&K but the poor management & political interference in these institutions has left them in a very poor condition. Every year we have to bear around twelve core rupees loss in running these schools in present poor condition.  But we cannot allow the condition to continue. We are devising a mega transformation plan for our educational sector,” said Dr Andrabi. She appealed to the people from good economic backgrounds, corporate houses, and business houses to come forward to help the Board in upgrading the Waqf education sector. “In making Waqf an ideal organization, we require the support of everybody as this is a herculean task to cleanse the system so that we become resourceful enough to make Waqf self-sufficient & empowered enough to create public welfare projects in J&K within a few years from now,” said Waqf Board Chairperson.

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