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Vijay Bakaya tells youth to take Apni Party’s message forward

Post by on Monday, May 9, 2022

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Jammu, May 08: Apni Party (AP) state general secretary Vijay Bakaya Sunday asked the youth who joined AP to take forward the message of the party among the masses.
A party statement said that he was addressing a joining programme which was organized by District President Urban Youth Wing Jammu, ShivamChoudhary at Apni Party’s Gandhi Nagar in Jammu.
While welcoming them into the party, Bakaya hoped the joining of the youth would strengthen the party and asked the youth that they should take forward the message of the party.
Meanwhile, provincial president Manjit Singh said that youth have lost all hopes in the present form of government with its failure to provide them employment opportunities in J&K.
Singh said, “The youth are in despair in absence of an elected government in J&K and no one is ready to redress their issues. In these circumstances, they have developed a hope with the AP due to its policies and agenda amid fear of an uncertain future.”
Welcoming the youth into the party, he said that Apni Party believes the youth should be provided job opportunities, daily wagers should be regularized and NHM employees be continued in the service.
“There is a growing fear of losing jobs among temporarily engaged daily wagers in different departments from the last many decades that they may lose their jobs. The government has no clear policy for them nor has recruitment been conducted on all the vacant posts,” he said.
In this situation of complete confusion, he said that the youth have pinned their hopes with the AP and its leadership due to pro-youth and pro-J&K policies which are based on equitable development.
“The regions are facing discrimination. The youth have no employment and the already engaged workers in different departments fear for their jobs. Is this good governance? It is absolutely not good governance. Therefore, the people should support the Apni Party to form the next government in J&K so that the people can be brought out of the misery,” he said.
He further said that the traditional political parties exploited the people with emotional sloganeering and did nothing for them and it was due to their hollow slogans that J&K lost its statehood and downgraded into a Union Territory.
“The leaders of these political parties then locked themselves within the four walls and did not come out to express their anguish. Unlike them, the AP came out and highlighted the demands of the people when there was no one to represent them,” he remarked.
He again said that people have come in support of the AP from every nook and corner of Jammu and Kashmir as they witnessed the falsehood of the traditional political parties.
He said that the AP is fighting for the restoration of statehood in Jammu and Kashmir as well as holding of assembly elections.

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