Videopreneurs of Kashmir
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Videopreneurs of Kashmir

From digital currency to talent-based content creation, the youth are embracing 21st-century digital technologies like never before

Post by on Monday, December 20, 2021

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Since the valley's surge in unemployment over the last decade, Kashmir's youth have been trying to forge their own paths to earn a living and break free from the shackles of this growing crisis. From digital currency to talent-based content creation, the youth are embracing 21st-century digital technologies like never before. The concept of technological determinism, which states that technology shapes society, is best exemplified by our young generation's current aspirations. With technological advancements, new jobs and ways of earning are emerging; our youth are attempting to adopt every possible way to earn from the sources provided by the current technological waves from the west. This primarily includes the creation of video content, with Google's YouTube serving as a key platform. YouTube has incentivized its business model by offering money to content creators, and it has been an important part of our society since its inception. It has given rise to a new type of entrepreneurs known as the Videoprenuers.
The amount of risk that an individual instills distinguishes Videoprenuership from other types of entrepreneurship. Although there is little risk in commercializing media content, this type of entrepreneurship has limited job-creation capacity, which means it can only employ a limited number of people. Because of its low risk nature, our youth find it to be the best way to get their talent recognized and earn as a result. After some YouTube channels in mainland India became famous and recognized internationally, Videoprenuership in Kashmir took root. Our youth took inspiration and began to work and create their own content, the majority of which is aimed at the people of Kashmir. Vloggers, comedy channels, IT support channels, roasters, pranksters, artists, musicians, and interviewers are among the various types of Videopreneurs in the valley.
Since the last few years, a slew of Kashmiri Videopreneurs have emerged, the majority of whom are entertaining Videopreneurs. They were widely accepted and loved by people from all walks of life in our society. The post-abolition of Article 370 lockdown, followed by the prolonged COVID19 lockdown, proved a major breakthrough for Kashmir's Videopreneurs. Content creators did everything they could to keep people engaged with their entertaining content during the lockdown period. During this time, they received a large number of subscribers as well as views. However, due to the language barrier, the content of our Videopreneurs is only accessible to a limited number of people, with the exception of those who use languages other than Kashmiri in their content, which primarily includes gamers.
We were already aware that the replacement of human labor by AI and machine learning would result in the loss of millions of jobs, but we cannot ignore the fact that it will also result in the emergence of new types of jobs and new ways of earning, and in order to survive and earn in the future, our youth must be skilled and talented. The common narrative of a degree leading to a job is already changing, and as a result, the youth are experimenting with new skill-based earnings. With the growing trend of current Videopreneurs, the next generation is aspiring to follow in their footsteps and has begun to work on acquiring various types of talent.
Just as entrepreneurs require a conducive working environment, Videopreneurs require uninterrupted Internet facility because the entire scenario is dependent on the internet. Against all odds, the valley's youth are engaging in new ways of thinking and attempting to make an impact with new approaches that the valley's people have never seen before. We, as a society, must support these initiatives, rather than being laggards, and adapt to the rapid pace of new emerging technologies.
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