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Venturing into beauty, Engineering cousins set up ‘Extension Services’ in Kashmir

Post by on Friday, August 13, 2021

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With the purpose to change the lives of many who want to look good, two cousins, Mehreen Kapra (36) and Sheikh Jannat (27), started their beauty venture “Extensions Srinagar”.
As such extension services were nowhere to be found in Kashmir, the duos hit up the plan to venture into the business.
Extensions Srinagar provide services like nail extensions, hair and lashes extensions,micro-blading, manicure ,pedicure, head massage and foot massage.
The duo, both engineers by profession, gave it a kick-start in April this year.“We couldn’t get such services in Kashmir earlier and there was a need for that here,” says Jannat.
Jannat said their venture specializes in extensions which is one of its kind in the Valley.
The venture is not gender specific as at ‘Extensions Srinagar’ they provide manicures and pedicures for men.
“We also provide hair extensions like dreadlocks and braiding for men,” said Jannat.
The idea of setting up something new always comes with hundreds of hurdles and the same happened to Jannat and Mehreen.
“Setting up something in Kashmir is difficult as the ease of business is nowhere here. It’s difficult to procure labor material here and also the climate is not always favorable.”
The families of the duo have always been supportive and that is what has made them even more confident.
“Initially the relatives used to say these things are not going to work in the valley since Kashmiri’s don’t have this concept here but fortunately we grabbed a good amount of followers and clientele from all the areas of the valley,” said Jannat. She, however, said the response has been fluctuating since they started pre Covid-19 2nd wave. “When the 2nd wave started, we were unable to open our outlet but after that we have been receiving positive response and support.”
Extension Srinagar is getting good response and queries from every part of the valley.
Jannat believes that everybody in the valley is already aware of these services and likes the fact of having the services here to cater them and this keeps them moving every day.
 “The starting service charges for nails starts from Rs 1799 and goes up till 4K- 5k depending upon the design you want,” said Jannat.
“Then the second service which we cater is eyelash extension and it starts from Rs 2500, Manicure starts from Rs 750, pedicure Rs 850, for hair braiding Rs 2000 per hour.”
“Hair extensions depend upon the length and volume you want so, the price per strand starts from Rs 300.”

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