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Vegetable growers in Maloora face losses,as recent rains damaged crops

Will constitute teams to verify claims of farmers: Dir Agriculture Kashmir

Post by on Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Srinagar, June 27: 
Vegetable growers in the Maloora area of Srinagarare worried over the losses of their crops caused due to the recent incessant rains and they demand compensation from the authorities so that they can start vegetable gardening afresh. 
A group of farmers claimed, "We were days away from harvesting the vegetable crop for this season, on which we had been working for months, but the recent downpour has damaged the majority of the vegetable crop."
Speaking to the Rising Kashmir, Showkat Ahmad, a local vegetable grower who owns a sizable parcel of land in the area, stated that he, along with his other family members and labourers, had been working in his fields since January 2022 and that it was now time for harvest.
"The recent heavy downpours wreaked havoc on our crops, as you can see they are now lifeless." We work in our fields for months, and farming is the mainstay of our community's survival and livelihood. "We still owe money for seeds and fertilizer," he explained.
Farmers in the area appealedto the authorities to compensate them for losses caused by recent rains, saying they are heartbroken to see crops that were about to be harvested.
 A crop worth about 5 lac was almost ready, according to Abdul Rehman Wani, a farmer who had planted a variety of vegetable crops on about two hectares of land, but the fields aren't going to produce him yield of even 20,000 rupees anymore.
The local farmers urged the government to provide them with financial compensation for the losses of the vegetable crop stating that it has affected their livelihood. 
"This vegetable crop is the only form of income available,  we don’t belong to the employee class nor are we in business, instead agriculture provides the majority of our income", said the farmers.
A woman labouring in her field stated, "We need hand-holding at this point; the government should come to our rescue at least we want to pay off our liabilities.
Meanwhile, Chowdhary Mohammad Iqbal, Director of the Department of Agriculture Production & Farmers Welfare in Kashmir, told Rising Kashmir that reports that were brought to his attention concerning the Maloora area saying the reports indicated that there had not been much damage to crops other than pulses. He added, however, that he would form a team to examine the claims of farmers.
"There have been numerous reports of agricultural damage around the valley as a result of the recent, incessant rain, but the most of the damage was recorded from south Kashmir's Wani Gund area in the Kulgam district. If farmers in the Maloora area allege damages, a team will be formed to investigate the claims”, the director of agriculture stated.

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