Varicose veins in legs
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Varicose veins in legs

Post by on Saturday, July 10, 2021

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Varicose veins are a common problem in people which are characterised by dark coloured, enlarged, bulging and twisted veins in the legs.
Mostly they cause only cosmetic issues. When symptomatic, the symptoms include heaviness in legs, pain and discolouration. In advanced cases difficult to heal ulcers can also occur.
Varicose veins can affect anyone but more commonly affects women, obese people and those professionals who stand for long periods like traffic police personal 
Light exercise, weight reduction, avoiding standing postures for long time, high fibre diet are helpful for preventing varicose veins. 
Treatment usually consists of pressure stockings and leg elevation during sleeping and medication. However some people who have advanced stage of varicose veins may require Laser treatment.
Dr Shahnawaz Kaloo
IR & Liver Cancer Specialist
Max Hospital, Saket, Delhi

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