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Unquestionable faith

Idrees is a young man who believes, but Razaq was the one with the faith, an unquestionable faith

Post by on Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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On a bleak winter eve, I heard the call of a muezzin (azaan), carefully accentuated to the last syllable and blended in soft guttural sounds and rhythm. Though the ears where busy, the call landed straight in the forbidden chambers, either in heart or mind. Special effects were rendered by the blanket of mist and abstract ideas of uncertainty. Had it been summer, the call would have to strive against public yelling, motor sounds and braying animals. But, admittedly, it did not resonate with the frequency which drives a person to action. Something was missing!
Some 20 years ago, Razaq was the muezzin, the self proclaimed, unchallenged and unparalleled character, who I am afraid to say contemporaries would call – a man with little knowledge and lesser wisdom. Razaq could recite, read the Holy Book and understand as per his own competency, despite his being illiterate (for all earthly knowledge). He was respected more for a definite code of life and the children were scared for absolutely no reason. Throughout the nights in the holy month, he would recite more than ever and keep everyone awake, chanting prayers, verses and sometimes even acknowledging the problems people suffer.
Yet, it was not Razaq on this winter eve inviting people for submission and duty. It was the young man, Idrees, who happen to have read a lot of books and discourses. It couldn’t have been Razaq for Razaq died a religious man three years ago. After gaining enough seeds of wisdom and religious knowledge, Idrees stepped in one day, challenging Razaq that his recitals were wrong, that his prayers were unnecessary and that his concepts were not clear. That didn’t have any effect on Razaq; he was 60 years old, not holding on to his beliefs but a part of the beliefs himself. There was a bit of an altercation outside the mosque, a young literate and knowledgeable man versus an old steadfast community leader. The episode just ended; no lessons from it.
However, when Razaq called, back in the days, there used to be more rows in the mosque. Today, despite that knowledge, the clarity of thoughts and the appealing voice that emits those big loudspeakers on minarets traveling miles, the frequency sometimes doesn’t match. Well, Idrees is a young man who believes, but Razaq was the one with the faith, an unquestionable faith. 
(Author is Fiction Writer and has done PG In English Literature)

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