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Undo the worst and promote the best

Even though we all endure sadness and tragedy in our lives, we also experience joy and happiness

Post by on Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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The worst aspects of human behaviour should constantly be corrected, while the best should be emphasised. Why shouldn't individuals talk about joy, happiness, great experiences, and so on? Why do we focus so much on our flaws and so little on our strengths and encouraging joy, happiness, and positivity? Even though we all endure sadness and tragedy in our lives, we also experience joy and happiness. Positive traits and motivations are as genuine as negative ones. So, what's the deal with this disparity? Why is the bad so much more powerful than the good?

In very clear and straightforward language, I'd like to pique your interest by asking two simple questions.

1-How much of the time did you feel cheerful, happy, quiet and tranquil, or satisfied throughout the last 30 days? And

2- How much of the time did you feel unhappy that nothing could cheer you up in the last 30 days; restless or fidgety; hopeless; worthless?

Who would you respond to first?

The majority of readers will most likely respond to the second question first, with only a few responding to the first. Have we ever wondered why we give negativity, despair, and other bad feelings so much weight in our lives? Despite the fact that we are all aware that stress is harmful to both mind and the body, there are many different sorts of addictions today, such as drug addiction, internet addiction, mobile addiction, and so on, but stress, in my opinion, is the fundamental cause of all addictions.

Finally, have a look at these questions and see if you can answer them. Perhaps it will be useful to some extent as there is a famous quote by Elbert Hubbard “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

(The Author is Research Scholar, Department Of Education, Kashmir University)

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