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Post by on Friday, November 19, 2021

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??Menstrual cycles average approximately 28 days in length, but any cycle length between three and five weeks apart can be normal.
??Cycles in younger women tend to be longer and those in older or perimenopausal women are shorter.
??Normal menstrual flow lasts between three and six days.
??Most women experience cramps before their flow is about to start.
??Some women may have cramps of sufficient intensity that they need to take pain killers ( mostly Ibuprofen).
??A heavy flow that is longer than seven days may cause iron-deficiency anemia (low blood count). Ibuprofen taken a few times a day during heavy flow will decrease the flow.
??Women commonly experience some changes in how they feel across the menstrual cycle. For example, bloating and water retention are most intense on the day flow starts. 
??Women may also note that their breasts become mildly tender. Some women become more sensitive to emotional issues (either happy or sad) in the days before flow. Kindly note all of these experiences are normal.

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