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Two trailblazing women: Anika, Nawishta designing inspiration

Post by on Saturday, August 28, 2021

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 Creativity is a strong pursuit of women.  The popular profession of graphic designing demands skills and creativity and as such young women are pursuing a career in the world of graphic designing. Today, we bring you the story of two promising and creative graphic designers who not only inspire but in real sense are glass-ceiling-shattering trailblazers whose work is breaking boundaries.

Anika Suhail (26) from Srinagar has done her bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

She has done a certified course in UI/ UX (user interface/ user experience) from Wiztoonz Academy of Media and Design, Bengaluru. 

Anika, currently working in a Dubai-based company has also been contributing as a Freelance-Designer, simultaneously, for a year now. 

She has always been a meritorious student and choosing science over any other subject is no surprise when someone is grown up in a family of doctors and engineers. 

“Since my early age, I have been an active participant in art and creativity. It used to fascinate me and with time it hooked me on, so I decided to pursue my career in something that I've always loved and enjoyed doing,” said Anika.

“Up until that point I had considered myself an artist and enjoyed painting and calligraphy, but I hadn't tried applying it to a digital format. I was intrigued by it and decided to pursue a career in graphic designing.”

Anika used to run an Instagram page by the name '_annartistry' which she started last year.

“Due to the pandemic, people were literally losing their bread and butter. Instead of applying for a full-time job, I decided to start freelancing and explore the world using social media platforms,” said Anika.

With an ultimate passion for designing, Anika is specialized in creating clean, appealing and professional designs using best practice approaches that fully comply with today's design standards across the globe.

“Being a graphic designer, you see things in a completely new light. You find inspiration in everything you see and do, from saving ideas for your next project to executing them digitally, design brings a new perspective,” she said.

“Graphic designing always requires human thinking and creativity. It’s an essential cog in the world of work, one that is required for any brand or business. From simple business cards and printed materials, to packaged goods, websites, and advertisements – it’s unstoppable.”

Anika designs logos, illustrations, posters, flyers, business cards, mobile applications and websites for small clients in numerous niches, basically anything and everything that's to be designed. 

“Along with this I love calligraphy design and have started working on wedding invites as well,” said Anika.

She appreciates client involvement in her work. 

“The primary objective of any design is to speak to your clients to convey messages and ideas. You need to know about your clients’ requirements. A designer works for the clients. Puts the thoughts in work, executes it, and follows a hierarchy. And it had to match the clients’ expectations with n-number iterations of course.”

She believes the entire point of design is to communicate with people, understand what the client has envisioned and translate that into a digital design format.

“Designing is not all about working on the screen. It must start with the research and end up with the execution.”

The response for Anika’s work has been overwhelming.

 “For me, client satisfaction is very important, and I have achieved that with every project.” 


Nawishta Nabi (27), another graphic designer from Srinagar is a B.tech CSE graduate and found her niche in graphic designing as art intrigued her the most.

From international fashion industries to the local confectionery businesses, hotel, and restaurants Nawishta managed to work for most. 

Here in Kashmir, not many people know what a UI/UX designer does exactly, so Nawishta’s work responsibilities as a UI/UX designer include working on the interface for apps and websites making it easy for a user to interact with while maintaining the visuals appealing.

“As a graphic designer my work includes working on print as well as digital media and motion graphics which I am slowly stepping into,” said Nawishta.

Nawishta started her career as a graphic designer a year back and has been quite successful.

“Art intrigued me the most. I wanted to do something in the creative field and that's how I found my niche in graphic designing.”

Her design style is a blend of minimal and modern, she is also fascinated by other design styles like pop art and comics design style.

“My services include Designing Web pages, app interfaces, brochures, logos, business cards, letterheads, signs, Complete brand identity, Packaging designs, magazine covers, Flyers, social media post layouts, creatives for advertisement campaigns on Facebook, Instagram etc. 2D Animation videos, personalised illustrations,” said Nawishta.

Nawishta’s designing charges depend on how vast the project is and how much time she is investing in it.

“I always like if my client has a clear vision of what they need but even if I get a client who is not sure about what they want, it has it's pros too I get the creative liberty in that, I make sure I educate them about it and keep them in the loop throughout the whole process,” said Nawishta. So far, the response for Nawishta’s designing skills has been great.

“I feel people here still live in delusion that the printing press is where they should go to get their logos, cards and letterheads done,” said Nawishta.

“Not everyone knows how important it is to actually have a brand identity before they start their venture. Having your brand identity designed by a professional designer gets you that initial attention of your target audience that you require.” 

Nawishta in this short span of time has focused on working for different industries from international fashion industries to the local confectionery businesses, hotel and restaurants like Amigos, Café Milestone etc and she has managed to work with much zeal and dedication. 

“I have noticed one thing, people here don't really have high hopes from the local designers that’s why they hire agencies outside Kashmir for developing brand identities of their new ventures, I really want to change,” she said.

“We are capable. A little change in perspective is required.”

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