True meaning of successful life
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True meaning of successful life

Post by on Wednesday, July 7, 2021

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Everyone wishes to achieve personal success and discover its secrets. All the human beings have an innate desire to live a successful life full of enjoyment, health and financial independence. Furthermore, it is everyone's dream to secure a happy life; a sprawling house, and expensive luxurious car for the transport and entitlement to air travel etc. Those who enter politics aim at becoming members of parliament, and even heads of the state. All this is done in order to enjoy a comfortable life. 
Happiness is an oft repeated expression. It is an antonym for sorry and misery. Significantly enough, Allah (SWT) has guaranteed a happy life for everyone. He declares that the way to it however consists in doing good. If one performs good acts in line with His commands such a person is bound to be blessed with a happy, successful life. Allah’s (SWT) promise is above and beyond doubt. Yet Allah (SWT) has assured us that He will certainly reward such men and women who do good, with a successful life. It is a fact that all human beings exert themselves day and night to secure a happy life. Some interpret a happy life only In terms of worldly attainments. However, this is not true. Everyone so enjoying all the worldly perks and privileges does not necessarily lead a happy life. Rather, there are numerous examples that contradict the above preposition.  
Many people who are blessed with wealth and power lead miserable lives. They suffer from ill-health, family feuds, emotional imbalance, or nervous breakdown. Some are even afflicted with insecurity or psychological disorder. Despite their high status, palatial houses and impressive cars they do not and cannot enjoy life. They are unable to appreciate the real bounties of life. This is a point worth considering. For Allah (SWT) states that whoever abides by His commands and the teachings of His Messenger (SAW), disregarding local customs and traditions, will enjoy  a happy life. One should not be concerned with social norms nor about whether one’s actions will be met with public approval or not. 
Likewise, one should not be carried away by such worldly considerations as wealth and honor. One should not hanker after these. On the contrary, all one’s actions should confirm to the commands of Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW). Values such as modesty, chastity and respect for others should flourish. If one leads one’s life along these lines, Allah (SWT) promises happiness and success. Every male and female could live a happy and prosperous life if they follow Allah's (SWT) commandments, obey Him, and act on the Prophet's (SAW) teachings. They would be able to reach the pinnacles of spiritual development and satisfaction if they do so. Let us remember that this potential is not limited to men; rather, it is available to both men and women in equal measure. To achieve long term happiness in our lives we all should try to shun the negative mindset and spread love, compassion and mercy.
(Author is Teacher by Profession. He has done Post Graduation in Islamic Studies)

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