Trend Alert: Halal Makeup
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Trend Alert: Halal Makeup

Post by on Sunday, September 19, 2021

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Earlier, many girls were skeptical about the removal of makeup before performing Wudu (ablution- the process of cleaning oneself before praying) until halal(permissible under the Islamic law) makeup made its presence in the market.
Halal makeup is cruelty free, breathable and vegan. Halal makeup allows the permeability of water, making sure that while doing ablution water reaches your face skin and nail bed. It is healthy for the skin as well because it does not contain alcohol and pig fat.
 Lafz- a range of halal cosmetics, Iba halal cosmetics and 786 cosmetics are some of the brands to be considered in this regard. However the halal makeup items are a tad costly as they do not contain any harmful chemicals. It ranges from Rs 200 – Rs 2000 onwards. They have occupied their space in many departmental stores throughout the city. One can also purchase them through online mode.
The ordinary non-breathable makeup makes skin unhealthy, nails brittle and thin.
Insha Latief Khan

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