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Trend Alert!! Shoes for Summer Treks

Shoes for Summer Treks

Post by on Thursday, July 1, 2021

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Having good shoes plays an important role in enjoying the treks.  Before buying trekking shoes one must look for five important features which include, the shoes must have a good grip, they should have a flexible shoe sole, they should be sung fit and not too tight. It helps to avoid shoe bites and gives the feet plenty of room to breathe. Besides, shoes should be ankle high which provides support and protects against nasty ankle twists and lastly, shoes for trekking should be water-resistant. All these features make a trekking shoe which makes it viable for every type of weather. One may think shoes with such features must be expensive – the answer is a “BIG NO”! “Decathlon,” is a highly recognized international brand that provides shoes with all the above-mentioned features with starting price of Rs1500. You can buy the water-resistant variant starting at Rs2500. The brand is available on all online stores, besides, you can even buy them offline as well. In nutshell, if you intend to go on trekking in near future, you should consider the option of buying a good pair of Decathlon trekking shoes to ease the pressure from your feet.
Mounis Bin Muzafar Khan

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