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To prevent illegal structures on Waterbodies, LCMA surveillance water bodies with high resolution cameras

Says 260 structures demolished, 63 FIRs registered against violators

Post by on Saturday, July 23, 2022

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Srinagar, July 22: To prevent illegal construction on the banks of Srinagar's water bodies,the Lakes Conservation and Management Authority (LCMA) is monitoring the water bodies with high-resolution cameras.
The department has demolished 260 structures that were illegally raised by the people on the banks of these water bodies. 63 FIRs were registered against the erring persons. Three structures were sealed, and thirty special drives were carried out by the department to demolish the illegally raised structures.
The people in Srinagar, on the other hand, contest the departments' claim, saying there is no letup in illegal construction on the banks of these water bodies. They stated that the structures of influential people are going untouched by the department. And the structures of others are being razed to the ground.
"The demolished drives carried by the concerned department are mere eye-wash." People allege that no structures have been demolished completely by them.
The senior officials of the department told Rising Kashmir that they have managed to curb the illegal constriction in the green belts around these water bodies. However, in some places, they are getting information late due to the fact that there is a delay in demolition work.
He said that the department has also installed 25 high-resolution cameras, which can identify the violators at a distance of one kilometer. In the second phase, the department will install more than thirty high-resolution cameras to curb the illegal raising of structures.
In the second phase of the installation of cameras, the western shore will be covered. Moreover, all the suspected places will also be under surveillance.
Earlier, people were facing delays in getting permission for the construction. For the past many months, the department has eased people's work by setting up permission online. People should use this service and not raise their illegal structures on the banks of water bodies that are being demolished by the department.
VC Lakes Conservation & Management Authority (LCMA) Dr. Bashir Ahmad told Rising Kashmir that In the current year around 63 FIRs have been registered and also hundreds of structures.
 The officer said that to end these illegal constriction barricades, CCTVs have been put in place to prevent the construction of the green belt. He said in the first phase 25 CCTVs from Dal Gate to Habak have been installed and more than 25 will be installed in the second phase.
The officer also said that people should not construct structures in the green belts which are being demolished causing losses to them.     

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