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Three pick pockets held in Srinagar; cash, debit, credit cards recovered

Post by on Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Srinagar, June 25: Jammu and Kashmir Police on Friday said they have arrested three pickpockets from the Srinagar area and have recovered cash, stolen ATMs and credits from their possession.
A senior police officer said they were receiving information regarding pickpocketing in various areas of Srinagar.
He stated that based on this receipt, a special team was formed to look into the matter. He claimed that, after much effort, the team had successfully apprehended these individuals.
The elderly people were falling prey to these people in various locations across the Srinagar district. The senior official, however, couldn't reveal their names, stating this would reach those pickpockets who are in touch with them.
This could be a huge gang of people who will be involved in pickpocketing. Pickpockets rob people in crowded places such as buses, hospitals, and crowded marketplaces.
The police officer also said that more arrests are expected in this connection in the coming days. The police have also appealed to the people to take care of their pockets while traveling in crowded buses, and hospitals.
The locals in Srinagar have also sought strict action against those who are involved in this activity. They said on every passing day, Scores of people are being looted at various locations across the district.
Meanwhile, the locals of Srinagar have hailed the Srinagar police on social media sites for arresting these thieves.
A social media user, Hidyat Bukhari, wrote, "Instead of masking their faces, it would have been much better and a mercy on common people."
Please ask public transporters to paste the photographs of the local pickpockets. They ruin one's hard-earned money in just a few seconds. 

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