Three entrepreneurs start valley’s first drive-through candy store
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Three entrepreneurs start valley’s first drive-through candy store

Post by on Thursday, September 16, 2021

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When Muhammad Thair came to Kashmir for vacations from UAE he had no idea that an opportunity is waiting for him. In April this year, when he went to meet his friends- Asim Shah and Adil- they sat for a casual discussion over the job scenario in Kashmir. 
In the middle of the discussion, Asim came up with an idea of starting a candy shop in Kashmir.  It sounded fascinating for Thair and Adil and they gave thumbs up to his friend to take the first step. 
Thair loved the candies from ‘House of Candy’ so he decided to introduce it in Kashmir. "Asim got in touch with them, completed all the formalities, did the paperwork and within short span of time we got the franchise and the distributorship of whole Kashmir," he adds. 
The ‘House of Candy’ is the first drive-through in the town, which are the makers of candies, chocolates and lollipops, according to Thair. "We opened it in May 2021 and have been running it since then."
Thair, an engineer by profession, is now ready to leave his job at UAE as he finds this job worth taking the risk. 
"I have been staying outside for long now. We always miss our land, our family and besides that it is good to be home and when I see the scope I feel it is worth taking the risk."
So far they have used ‘Instagram’ and pamphlets for the promotion of the brand and are doing pretty good in business. 
"Most of the people don't know about it yet but those who live in other parts are well aware about ‘House of Candy’. We are also into home delivery and have been receiving good response. People visit us and we get orders from all over Kashmir."
They have also introduced their stalls in various departmental stores in Srinagar. "Yes, people are coming forward, though it will take us time to build our audience and slowly we are reaching there,” Thair says.
The category they have introduced here in Kashmir, as per Thair, is 100 percent vegetarian and halal. "People should not be worried about that part because we import only halal candies."
Thair says they are also trying to venture into the wedding industry as that market is very huge. 
"We are trying to rope in with some event managers and introduce our candies in weddings. This is under process and will soon happen."
Thair says though business is driving slowly in Kashmir but they are doing pretty well. 
"After three months into it, I can say it will be a successful venture. Though right now it is only a start-up but it seems very promising. Since it is new in Kashmir we are making efforts to have our outlets across the valley,” he adds.

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