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Teenager Maleeha wrote ‘Captive’ for people to find strength

Post by on Sunday, July 18, 2021

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Maleeha Azhar at the young age of 16 has become the author of a book “Captive” comprising 36 different poems. Her being an avid reader from her childhood molded her into a writer. 
The book ‘Captive’ was published in April this year by Lieper Publication. 
 “Captive is a book of poems that records a journey at a time in the poet's life when her life was shrouded in a mist. She found clarity in writing. Like a firefly, 'Captive' became the light that led me out of the mist,” says Maleeha who studies at Mallinson Girls School.
Filled with various emotions, stories and memories, the author says the book is written for everyone-believers as well as skeptics.
Being an 11th class science student Maleeha is trying to strike a balance between her studies and her passion for writing.
“I was lost and had no idea what to do in my life. I wanted to explore myself within so I started reading and which got me into writing also,” she said.
Maleeha claims to have recognized her own self and her strengths after she started writing.
Captive is a journey of Maleeha’s own life which she has jotted down in the form of poems.
 “I started writing when I used to feel low and continued to do so whenever something unusual happened. So, this book is a form of mixed emotions,” said Maleeha.
She wrote ‘Captive’ to help people know their strengths.
“I wanted to help people who are not able to find out their strengths. Captive was an eye opener for me and I want it to be the same for others,” said Maleeha.
Presently she is working on many stories. Some of them are fiction, while others are non-fiction.
The young author is also writing a web novel, “Just Another High School Story!” which is available on the website, webnovel.com. The web novel is about bullying, body shaming, peer pressure, relationships, bulimia (eating disorder) and teen life.
“The story revolves around ‘Schizophrenia’. 40 chapters of web novel of about 50,000 words are already uploaded on the site,” says Maleeha.
She is working on more chapters.
Apart from writing, Maleeha is into dancing, singing, playing guitar, piano and drawings.

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