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Student from Kanpur chose Kashmir for studies to explore its natural beauty
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Student from Kanpur chose Kashmir for studies to explore its natural beauty

Post by on Sunday, August 8, 2021

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‘Kashmir is a must visit place for female traveler’
Due to her studies, Shyamli Shukla from Kanpur has been in Kashmir for the last five years. During her stay in the Valley, she has explored many beautiful destinations including high-altitude lakes.
Her stay in the Valley has transformed her from a leisure traveler to a hiker. Her newly found passion for hiking has helped her to make many Kashmiri friends with whom she often goes for her highland journeys.
The Kanpur student says that the friendly nature of people of Kashmir, the beauty of the land and her trekking trips to alpine lakes keep her glued to the Valley.
Kashmir is a rare place where in every district one finds beautiful pastures, meadows, lakes in planes and also on the mountains, she says.
 “Mostly travelers visit popular destinations in Kashmir. But in reality they are missing out on the real beauty of Kashmir which is hidden in highlands. One has to be a hiker to see the real beauty that nature has on offer. I chose Kashmir for studies as I wanted to explore natural beauty here,” she says.
During her trekking expeditions, she found various aspects of Kashmiri and things related to people here.
She explored many high altitude lakes in Kashmir in the company of locals who she considers as her family members now.
 “I've done quite a few gorgeous treks, which include Kausarnag, Margan Lakes, Tarsar Marsar which are incredibly beautiful,” said Shyamli.
As a female traveler, Shyamli has always found Kashmir safest and has received all sorts of help from people here including food and shelter at times.
Shyamli who has travelled solo to many parts in Kashmir feels the place is like a home away from home.
“I would recommend all the travelers to visit Kashmir for a long stay so that they will come to know the real Kashmir.”
Shyamli said Kashmir is a must visit place for any female traveler.
 “One must be able to see the culture here. I've seen a lot of Kashmiri weddings so far and they are really beautiful.”
She says Kashmir should be on everyone’s bucket list for sure.
 “The travelers will take back heart full of emotions.”
The only thing which concerns Shyamli when it comes to female travelers is they must respect the cultural values of the valley and adapt accordingly.
The hiker likes to listen to stories of the mountain people during her hikes. “Their tales are unbelievable,” she said.
She said the government should promote remote areas of the valley.
“The tourism department could sponsor a few trips of the influencers who are actual travelers. Once they would see the lesser explored places, later they could show them to the rest of the world,” she said.
Shyamli has been to all the highlands in Kashmir valley and feels every place has its own charm. Her favorite trek so far has been Gangbal, Harmukh valley trek.
 “I love the landscapes in Gangbal and my second favorite would be Kausarnag, which I believe is the prettiest lake of Kashmir,” said Shyamli.
In her upcoming places, she plans to explore Doda,  Kishtwar.
 “Warwan, Marwah, Dachhan are the places I really wish to explore.

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