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Srinagar engineer Shazia switches to fashion blogging to promote traditional clothing

Post by on Thursday, February 10, 2022

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An engineer by profession, Shazia Bhat from Srinagar switched to fashion blogging to promote ethnic wear of Kashmir.
After completing her B.Tech in 2016, Shazia went to Jaipur where she collaborated with many famous brands. “I always dreamed of becoming a fashion blogger since my childhood and people always appreciate my dressing sense,” she told Rising Kashmir.
She said there is a vast scope of fashion blogging in Kashmir as social media platforms are a great way to promote a product. “There are various brands who want to collaborate with the social media influencers. The feedback is good. I received a good response from the people.”
On being asked about her journey as a fashion blogger, she said “I went to Jaipur and I collaborated with brands like LetsPurPle, Jaipur Kurti, Reliance Trends, Blueberry, Bunaai and many more.
“I love being honest with my blog and I always preferred promoting my Kashmiri traditional dress when I was in Jaipur.”
“I love fashion and creating styling outfits. It is my passion,” she added.
She said besides fashion, her favourite is designing clothes and studying more about the new trends.
While talking about collaborating with brands, she said fashion bloggers are often invited by big brands to various events to cover the event and write about it.
“I also collaborate with many brands to promote their products on my social media.”
On her experience as a fashion blogger, she said “since the last two years I have made blogs and also collaborated with many brands in Kashmir.”
“I am hoping to become a good fashion blogger for Kashmiri traditional culture.”
“Presently I am collaborating with a number of brands in Kashmir and my main focus is to promote the traditional wear of Kashmir through my blogging.”
 On promoting products on social media, she advises aspiring fashion bloggers to choose any platform they find comfortable to use and get started.
“Planning your platform’s layout aesthetic is equally important as your content,” she added.
While advising the youth aspiring to be a fashion blogger, she said “be yourself and to be a fashion blogger you need to know a lot of things about fashion.”
The world for a Social blogger is hectic, there is a lot of work that goes behind making it famous, one needs both passion and perseverance to become a successful fashion blogger, she said.

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