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Srinagar Craft Safari completes Ninth Edition

Post by on Sunday, June 19, 2022

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Srinagar, June 18: The department of Handicrafts and Handloom Kashmir on Saturday continued the Craft Safari post recognition of Srinagar as the UNESCO creative city in the field of Craft and Folk Art in the ninth edition.
Known for its richest place in cultural heritage and an eternal assortment of arts and crafts has a treasure of handcrafted artefacts which add to the city’s pride of being a symbol of heritage.
The handicrafts products form a substantial part to facilitate souvenirs of every domiciliary as a source of exquisiteness.
The team of the officers from the Handicrafts and Handloom Department, Intellectuals, Academic Scholars, Journalists, Tour operators, Students and other fields completed today’s safari defying the rains in the Zadibal area of Srinagar City. The Safari started from Jalali House DoniparkZadibal.
The team continued the 9th edition of the much-anticipated safari to the workplaces of  Bashir Ahmad Jan,  Showkat Ali, Suhail Abbas, Altaf Hussain, MohdShafi Dar, Mohd Afzal Bhatoo, Abdul Majeed Dar and Mohd Akhtar Mir which run the units of Sozni, Pashmina Weaving, Carpet Washing, Carpet Rafugari, Sozni Embroidery, Carpet Weaving, Paper Pulp and Paper Machie, respectively in the adjoining areas of Zadibal belt of Srinagar.
After traversing the lanes and by-lanes amid heavy rainfall the team then concluded the Safari by visiting the newly constructed Imam Barda to see the marvellous architect-designed rooftop made of Kahatmaband with paper machie work on it.
Speaking on the peripheries of the safari the Director of Handicrafts and Handloom Kashmir  Tariq Ahmad Zargar characterized the artisans as versatile with diverse skills who have been carrying timeworn ethnicities to various arts and crafts.  The artisans have been contributory tothe retention of aboriginality of the famous Kashmiri Crafts besides the artisans have efficaciously refined the art from time to time.

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