Srinagar architect on mission to aware people on new lifestyle, construction trends
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Srinagar architect on mission to aware people on new lifestyle, construction trends

Post by on Friday, July 22, 2022

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It was the year 2016 when architect cum interior designer Tahir Dar returned to Kashmir and started raising awareness about the importance of planning and consulting architects before constructing any house or building.
After completing Civil Engineering from Mohali Punjab, Dar did Master's Diploma in Architectural Interior Designing and Space Planning. Later, he worked as a site engineer for various companies for several years.
He started his own venture ‘Designer Tahir Dar Private Limited’ to provide multiple services to people. “. My team includes structural engineers, interior designers, site engineers, etc,” he said
The young architect, who hails from Habbak area of Srinagar outskirts, also uses social media to raise awareness about new lifestyle designs and market trends. “There is a need for vibrant change in our constructions and my aim is to bring a positive change in society,” he said.
"We mainly focus on three things regarding residential constructions including structural part, insulation, and area in the houses," Dar said.
He told Rising Kashmir that people in Kashmir spent more money on the aesthetics of houses as compared to other functionalities. “We are lacking many things in our residential constructions despite failing under the seismic zone,” Dar said.
"We have seen during the past decade that our houses are not feasible for winters and they are mostly fit for summers. We have 6-7 months long winter here and we should adopt proper planning before constructing our houses,” he said.
Dar says he along with his team design spaces to meet the needs of our clients and they focus on functionality as well as the aesthetic appearance of the interior and exterior of buildings, including homes.
The young designer says his goal is to build homes as per their structure and focus on insulation. “Our homes should be more insulated so that we will not face any problems during winters,” he said.
“The first thing to understand before designing a house is the geography of the area or the site. We should consider several factors like temperature, humidity, frequency of rainfall, and the land layout,” Dar said.
He said that when he started his company, people were very skeptical about him and his business project. The reason was the venture was unconventional in the entire valley, he said.
"We are getting a good response; don’t cater to the elite class only, but to the common people as well. Every customer is welcomed here," Dar said.
“Our priority is customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers open up their hearts and pay you back” he said.
Dar said people should consult engineers or designers before investing money in any major project in Kashmir. “They should take their suggestions and accordingly plan them.”

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