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Spell of rainfall inundates various unit holders of HMT Zainakote

Revised DPR framed for making new drains, work to start in next 4-5 months: o¬ cials

Post by on Friday, July 29, 2022

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Srinagar, July 28: Following the heavy spell of rainfall on Wednesday, various Business unit holders of Industrial estate HMT Zainakotegot inundated, owing to the failure and poor drainage system in the estate, said various unit holders on Thursday. Anguished over the losses and damage to machinery and stock due to the drain water which entered their factories, a unit holder said that they have repeatedly apprised the SICOP authorities aboutthe issue to clean up the silt from drains and make a proper disposal plan for discharge of drain water. “We fail to understand when we are paying rentals to SICOP, why they are not doing their duties properly as we have to hire men on our own to clean the drains. The drains are fully blocked as they also lack discharge vent”, said a unit holder. Another unit holder in the estate said that he always has to face the wrath of rainfall as his unit exists at the dead end of the drain, due to which drain water spills over and enters his factory. Pointing towards his submerged machines and stock following the rainfall water spilled from drains he said that last time he had to rewind his motors which cost him around 25 thousand. “My source of income is becoming a liability for me since yesterday my unit is not functional as my machines and stock is submerged under rainwater spilled from drains. We are now manually and using water pump as well to take this drain out of our factory”, he said. President Small Scale Industrial Association Mohammad Ayoub told Rising Kashmir among the multiple concerns the issue of poor drainage has been taken up with the concerned quarters many times but has been given hardly heed to the miseries faced by the unit holders. “A good amount of the money was spent on the drainage project by SICOP in the past, but that eventually proved to be a failure and even a lighter spell of rainfall, drains spillover rainwater which ultimately goes inside the factories resulting in losses to unit holders”, he said. President estate added that they are yet to ascertain the losses caused due to the spillover of rainwater from drains and are framing a committee to assess the same. This correspondent spoke to an offi cer of SICOP about the grievances and issues raised by the business unit holders of the estate to which he said that the proposed exit of the existing drain was objected to by the locals in the area and had been blocked. “Currently outfl ow from drains is not happening, now we have made a revised DPR of drains to rebuild them so that the issue of outfl ow of the drains will be at one place. The problem is high in the estate when it rains more and within next 3 or 4 months we are going to start the work”, the offi cer said. The offi cer added that they have got the approval for cleaning of drains in the estate, work of which will be started in the next 4 to 5 days.

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