Some Beneficial Tips Of Walking Daily
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Some Beneficial Tips Of Walking Daily

Post by on Friday, November 5, 2021

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1. Daily 15 min of walking reduces the risk of breast cancer.
2. It Reduces cholesterol level and maintain a suitable flow of blood pressure and also reduce chances of ischemic stroke.
3. Increase creativity :-  Research recommends that daily walks improve creativity.
4. Walking Improves immunity: – Walking build better immune system. If you are easily impacted by cold, flu, due to week immunity systems. Don’t wait just start for the walk this will strengthen your immune system.
5. Daily walk reduces Dementia as well as Depression
7. Walk is  the best prescription for anti-aging. Pharmacy companies can’t create a medicine compare to daily walk which provides results for anti-aging.
8. Interval walking help reduce the chance of Colon cancer
Dr Abid Wani, 
Medical Officer, BMO office Ganderbal

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