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Solution to End Dowry
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Solution to End Dowry

Post by on Thursday, September 30, 2021

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Mosque, Muftis, Media and choice
Dowry is an example of our individual and collective failure as a society.
To my understanding the curse of dowry runs parallel with caste and class based marriages, where marriage is subjected to conditions like property, gifts etc and such conditions promote dowry.
A strict blanket ban on dowry is possible only through choice based marriages where couples, out of their will, choose a partner unconditionally, i.e without consideration for money, gifts, and property.
I see a solution through Mosque, Mufti, Media & Choice based marriage
Grooms refusing dowry in any form must be treated as 'success stories'. Such men deserve maximum coverage and attention from the media.
Muftis performing Nikah must boycott marriages where dowry is openly accepted; mosque committees must boycott families which are involved in such anti-Islam custom; and then finally, choice-marriage is the best weapon to abolish such an ill custom as love sees no caste, no money, no property, no gifts.
Let's appreciate choice based marriages and its positives which will help in promotion of ‘No Dowry marriages’.
May Almighty curse all those families who resort to such ill practices which are anti-faith.
So choose wisely…
Badrul Duja
Author is a practising advocate and RTI activist

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