SMC to install two incinerators for scientific disposal of animal waste
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SMC to install two incinerators for scientific disposal of animal waste

Post by on Thursday, July 14, 2022

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Srinagar, July 13: Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) on Wednesday said the city is going to have a modern animal carcass incinerator by setting up two "incinerators" for safe and scientific disposal of dead animals, hides and offal by the end of the ensuing year.
Divulging the details, a senior official of Srinagar Municipal Corporation told Rising Kashmir that by the end of this year. Two insulators will be installed in Srinagar for the scientific disposal of dead animals and hides. He stated the project will be completed by the end of this year at an estimated cost of Rs. 15 crore.
The officer continued earlier, "We were disposing of the dead animals in Galander, Pampore where SMC owns land." He claimed that the site is already full and cannot accommodate any more body burials.
The officer explained the significance of the incinerator centre by stating that it has typically been seen that live stray animals have invaded the burial land and pulled the dead to the surface. Stray animals have also been seen to disperse the bodies in nearby areas, which can cause an environmental hazard if not handled scientifically. 
He claimed that the opening of an animal carcass disposal facility would significantly simplify the task going forward.
There are hundreds of shops falling under the municipal limits of Srinagar which produce tonnes of animal waste every day.
Notably, incineration is the thermal destruction of carcasses by auxiliary fuel such as propane, natural gas. The modern incinerator reduces carcasses to ash and generally is bio-secure. However, it needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the incinerator functioning smoothly.
The project has been assigned to the SMC's Mechanical department, according to the officer, the scientific disposal, all the environmental norms have been kept under consideration.
Pertinent to mention here, animal hides enjoyed a healthy market a few years ago. People used to voluntarily donate these hides to mosques, religious institutions, orphanages, etc.However, following a reported devaluation in its export business, locals used to throw hides and offal on roadsides.
We are hopeful that by the end of this year, the project will be completed and it will be a major help to dispose of the animal waste properly.
SMC previously stated that they produced a record-breaking 93 metric tonnes of sacrificial animal waste this year. They said all the sacrificial animals had been disposed of properly to avoid littering the city.

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