Sidarth Sathoo pumped iron for 12 yrs to transform from skinny lad to Mr. North India
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Sidarth Sathoo pumped iron for 12 yrs to transform from skinny lad to Mr. North India

Post by on Wednesday, July 14, 2021

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The winner of Mr. North India title, Sidarth Sathoo from Jammu district is fast becoming an icon among J&K youth who are passionate about the “iron pumping” game.
Winner of many championships and titles in bodybuilding, muscleman Sidarth, 32, began his muscle-building career 12 years ago in 2009, to overcome his skinny looks and make his frail body look “presentable.” 
“My body weight was about 48 kg at that time. I was really skinny and wanted to do something about it.
To overhaul his physique, Sathoo luckily met Suresh Dutta, former well known bodybuilder, who took him under his wings.  
The hard work of Sathoo and coaching of Dutta soon paid off as in two years time only the pupil made his coach proud by winning the bodybuilding competition of Mr. Jammu in 2014.
Sidarth did not let the win go to his head, instead he worked hard, which resulted in him winning the title of Mr. J&K in men’s physique eight times. Besides, he has also won the gold medal in the 80 kg weight category seven times .
In 2017 Sidarth participated in Mr. North India in Ludhiana and won a bronze medal in men’s physique.
The muscleman from J&K has four times in Mr. India and in 2019 he even reached among the top 18 contestants in men’s physique category in the competition.
“Bodybuilding is a very costly sport. You have to invest a lot of money to get good results. Fortunately, I didn’t have to face such challenges, except for little glitches in the beginning,” says Sathoo.
There are a few who have made a great influence on Sathoo and Mr. Universe 2012 Sangram Chougule is one of them.
“Many bodybuilders like Sangram Chougule motivate me a lot to work harder to follow my passion”
Sathoo has completed bachelors in hotel management from Dehradun and is currently working in the Tourism Department.
The muscle man from Jammu says bodybuilding can help people improve their mental state and if teenagers take up the sport, they can stay away from drugs and other menace.
Sathoo aims to participate in Mr. Asia for which he is working hard.
“If it happens I will try my best to win a medal in it.”
The fitness enthusiast is now endorsing a few health and nutrition brands like ‘Absolute Nutrition’ on his Instagram account which has over 71k followers.
 “They have helped me a lot by sponsoring me. Besides, I am grateful to my coach Rajesh Dutta who is also the general secretary of the Jammu & Kashmir bodybuilding association,” Sathoo said.
He also uses his social media account to spread awareness on the importance of being healthy with physical fitness and staying away from drugs. 

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