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Shopian youth proves his mettle in healthcare entrepreneurship

Post by on Monday, July 18, 2022

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From highly specialised health care to remote disease management, Mir Faizan is proving his mettle in healthcare entrepreneurship.

A 30-year-old from the Shopian district received an award from Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha for his exemplary services in the medical field.

He has been conferred an award at Zee Salaam Conclave's “Emerging Jammu Kashmir”.

Mir Faizan started Shadab Memorial Hospital in 2019. The hospital made a mark for itself by operating Super-speciality and high-risk Onco-Urology and Ortho (Spine) surgeries with the introduction of high-end Laparoscopes and C-ARM machines for the first time in south Kashmir.

Since then Faizan has changed the lives of people who have suffered due to different ailments.

Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI) sponsored Faizan under the Seed Capital Fund Scheme.

From identifying the health problems to solving the issues and saving the lives of people, Faizan has made the bond between entrepreneurship and healthcare stronger.

"Like early intervention in diseases like Hepatitis B and C. We had done a study on the patients which even helped the Directorate of Health Services to identify life-threatening Methemoglobinemia disease in Karewa Shadaab area of Shopian district," he said.

He said that his hospital has tried its best in bridging the gap between the cancer patients and their doctors in Delhi during the Covid-19 pandemic.

"We have helped patients during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in district Shopian. Most of the patients were moving outside for knee replacement surgeries. We have done Knee replacement surgeries for people successfully. Besides, we have conducted laparoscopic surgeries in our district," he said.

Shadab memorial was the first non-governmental hospital for patients infected by the Covid-19 virus.

"I had also contracted the virus while managing the patient load. But I didn't stop and moved ahead," he said.

Faizan wants to bring innovations to healthcare-deprived communities with a long-lasting inclusive ecosystem.

He said that his grandmother died due to poor health services. That incident made him think of the lives lost each day due to a lack of healthcare services and medical devices.

"I have seen people suffering in my village. People had to move to Srinagar for laparoscopic surgeries. Now, they can go for laparoscopic surgeries, even knee replacement surgeries in our hospital," he said.

The hospital is currently managed by 30 skilled and unskilled employees.

Faizan said the Hospital is equipped with C-ARM facilities to operate on Orthopaedic and Urology patients.

"We have ventilators, X-Ray,  ECG and USG machines along with a Pathology laboratory and laparoscope and baby incubators. We have three new major and one minor operation theatres," he said.

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