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Several Anantnag villages face drought like situation

Ensure crop insurance: Agri deptt urges farmers

Post by on Friday, June 10, 2022

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Anantnag, June 09: Anantnag which is also referred as green bowl of the Kashmir valley is facing drought like situation due to ongoing dry spell of weather.
The district, because of its topography, is source to major rivers like Jhelum, Veshav, Brengi and Sandran. This year however, farmers in many villages of Shangus, Breng, Ranipora, Larkipora, Kuthar and other adjacent areas of Anantnag district are worried about the ongoing sowing season as the waterflow in many rivers is very less while many water sources feeding their lands have dried up.
As per locals the water flow is less due to low snowfall during last winter while the high temperatures have triggered early and fast melting of snow in the mountains during the initial months of this year. 
"The long dry spell has resulted in low water level in rivers while many tributaries have dried up which may severely affect the paddy cultivation.  Many villages adjacent to our locality are facing similar acute shortage of water for irrigation purposes. Our lands have already developed cracks due to dry weather and negligible availability of water, "said a local, Javid Ahmed, of Bon Dialgam village of Anantnag district. 
Several farmers from villages like Wanihama, Brinty Dialgam, Pazalpora, Jablipora, Subhanpora and dozens other villages voiced the similar concerns. 
"It's a drought like situation this time and if there isn't ample rainfall in coming days, the fields will turn completely barren resulting in damage to the saplings and total failure of the crop, " said another farmer from Dooru. 
Earlier this year, flood and irrigation department had suggested farmers to avoid sowing paddy and instead plant some drought resistant crops in some areas of the valley. 
Chief Agriculture Officer Anantnag, Aijaz Hussain Dar while acknowledging the drought like situation said they are in the process of collection of data as to which areas are facing drought like situation and suggested farmers to get their crops insured. 
"The Doechinopora and Khoewripora areas which are fed by Daddi and Martand canal are less impacted due to the ongoing dry spell while the lands which are fed by Brengi and Aripath Nallah are severely hit by the drought. As per our assessment around 2677 hectares of land will be affected due to the drought. There is already a contingency plan in place in this regard and we have suggested farmers to grow drought resistant crops like pulses and vegetables which do not require much water. In current situation what our department can do is provide bore wells, tube wells to meet the demand of water, " said CAO, Aijaz Hussain Dar. 
Dar further requested farmers of the district to get benefitted from Fasal Beema Yojana, a crop insurance scheme for farmers which has already been implemented in the district Anantnag. 
"Anantnag district has the distinction of being the only district in the valley where Fasal Beema Yojana is implemented. I urge our farmer community to benefit from this scheme by visiting our zonal offices or private insurance companies and get their Paddy and Maize crops insured. The premium of this scheme is very low while the 50% premium will be borne by the department."

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