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School going Children & Online classes-Bane or Boon.
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School going Children & Online classes-Bane or Boon.

Post by on Sunday, August 15, 2021

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COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in various ways, has affected all sphere of life viz, education, economy, health etc.People across age groups have been affected which has resulted in change in the day to day routine and lifestyle. One of the biggest casuality has been education system all over the world as the school going children and adolescents have had to shift to online mode for last  one and a half year which the current generation has never experienced till date.Every calamity creates an opportunity so did the online classes.
Merits of Online Education
Decrease in workload ( carryingheavy school bags, Duration and frequency of classesetc)
Technical upgradation/ Innovation for teachers as well for students.
Growth of Online platforms like Zoom, Webex, Google classrooms.
Enhances dynamic interaction between teacher and student.
Demerits of online education
No face to face interaction: 
Financial burden on families ( to procure more gadgets for online classes)
No regularity or discipline:
Poor connectivity/Digital divide.
Distractions (  Diversion to Gaming apps and inappropriate websites).
Technical glitches
Increased screen time leading to screen dependency, backache, eye strain etc.
Physical inactivity resulting in obesity and other health issues.
No time commitment: 
How to cope.
Regular supervision/ monitoring by parents/ care takers.
Make children Stay social and communicate with them.
Get Adequate sleep.
Eat well.
Get organized.
Manage your time wisely.
Take breaks.
Play indoor and outdoor games.
Involve children in daily chores.
Revive old hobbies and create new ones.
Get help if one needs it from professionals.
After any Hardship comes ease……..
Dr Abdul Majid, 

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