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School Education deptt asked to refund unspent funds to SNA

Post by on Tuesday, July 19, 2022

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Srinagar, July 18: Authorities have directed the School Education Department to refund the unspent funds under the Samagra Shiksha scheme to its account in the System of National Accounts (SNA).
It was also said that  all the bank accounts of Implementing Agencies (IAs) should be made as Zero Balance Subsidiary (ZBS) accounts.
The authorities further said that the funds lying with Chief Education Officers could keep the funds other than Samagra Shiksha like Adhaar, New India Literacy Programme (NILP), Padhna Likhna Abhiyan (PLA) etc. “These funds, however, shouldn’t be  not be merged or refunded with Samagra Shiksha funds and should be kept in a separate account.”
Financial Advisor, Jammu and Kashmir Samagra Shiksha has said that the directives were issued with regard to modified procedure for release of funds to the State, UTs for centrally sponsored schemes regarding transferring of funds to SNA account-returning of recurring grants,
The Financial Advisor in a communiqué to directors of school education of both regions, joint director SCER, CEOs and DIET Principals said that the communiqué was in reference to various communications issued by Samagra Shiksha regarding the implementation of modified procedure for release of funds and to make all the bank accounts of implementing agencies down the line as ZBS accounts.
“Besides, it was regarding the refunding of all unspent balance into the SNA account of Samagra Shiksha as per the direction issued by the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance for Government of India,” it reads.
It also reads that under the Samagra Shiksha scheme, separate instructions have been issued to refund all the unspent non-recurring grants with their details. “This process has been completed successfully with your active cooperation.”
“Now, further it is to inform that the Ministry of Education during the meeting has given a timeline to implement the modified procedure for release of funds at all levels,” it reads.
“It is requested to collect all the unspent recurring grants at school and zone levels and refund the entire unspent amount in a single entry to SNA account of Samagra Shiksha within three days positively so that we would be able to switch over SNA,” the officer said.

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