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Satish Vimal's poetry anthologies released in Srinagar

Post by on Monday, November 8, 2021

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Srinagar, Nov 7: Senior poet and broadcaster SatishVimal's poetry anthologies in Hindi, English and Kashmiri languages were released here on Sunday at a book release cum reading session in Srinagar, organised by Meezan publishers in collaboration with two national-level publishing platforms.
The released books included a Hindi anthology "Khoye Hue Prishth", published by Kavya Publications New Delhi; an English translation of this book "Folios of lost Treasure''  done by writer and translator MushtaqueBarq, published by Evincepub India; and a Kashmiri translation of the book done by writer and poet, Dr GhulamNabiHaleem, published by Meezan Publishers, Srinagar.
During the session Vimal read a few poems in Hindi, while as their English rendition was done by MushtaqueBarq and Kashmiri rendition by Dr GhulamNabiHaleem.
Eminent writers ShahbazHakbari and Dr Aafaq Aziz reviewed the translations while as a young writer TauseefRaza presented his evaluation of the poetry and the English translation.
Other prominent writers who discussed the merit of the poetry of SatishVimal included Rahim Rehbar, Iqbal Anjum, Dr ShabnumAshai, ShabbirMatji, Ashraf Raavi, Mohammad Shafi Rather, AasifSafil, Dr ShahzadaSaleem, ShakeelurRehman, and Ashraf Zia.
ShahbazHakbari termed these poems as the literature of all times. He said that the new idiom of Vimal makes him a unique poet and this uniqueness has allowed him to reach beyond his linguistic borders.
Dr Aafaq Aziz said that Vimal's poetry is a blend of Sufi thought and philosophical wit. He said that Sutra-Kavya is the condensed life expression through poetry and Vimal has revived this poetic tradition of ancient India which was also prevalent with small alterations in ancient Arabia.
SatishVimalhonored the translators MushtaqueBarq and Dr GhulamNabiHaleem for their “splendid” work.
"Both the translations are very close to the original and these translations have the potential to carry the spirit of my poems to larger linguistic domains of English and Kashmiri", said Vimal.
This anthology is Vimal’s twenty-eighth book.
An hour-long discussion was held on the occasion in which poems from Vimal's anthology were evaluated and elucidated by eminent writers and poets present.
The event was moderated and anchored by young writer Zubair Qureshi.

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