Samba siblings share self-defense tricks to tackle eve-teasing
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Samba siblings share self-defense tricks to tackle eve-teasing

Post by on Sunday, April 3, 2022

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Amid rise in eve-teasing cases, two siblings from Samba district of Jammu region have started video tutorial tricks on self-defense to tackle eve-teasers. These videos are being widely shared on social media.
Hailing from Bari Brahmana town of Samba district, Nikhil Jaral and his sister Neha Jaral have been performing self-defense tricks since 2012 and now they are being praised on the internet.
Nikhil is currently a self-defense trainer at a local school in Jammu. He was inspired by his teacher, Pankaj Mehra, who inspired him to start self-defense tricks. “After finding it interesting, my sister Neha also joined the course,” he said.
“Initially, I got basic training from a school and then I joined MA Stadium Jammu where my coach helped me to polish my skills. Later, I performed practice sessions of self-defense tricks at several schools," he said.
During the decade-long journey, both siblings along with their coach performed self-defense tricks in schools, colleges, and at universities as well.
Nikhil said during the October 2021 lockdown; he along with his sister started self-defense tricks and uploaded them on social media. Most of the videos consist of basic training.
“Now we are getting a good response from the people. Both of us used to practice together for hours together and used to inform people about basic techniques to tackle eye-teasers,” he said.
He imparts free self-defense training to girls and women to help them fight harassment.
His sister, Neha, a student who is in her second semester of graduation has performed self-defense tricks across several states of India. She also participated in School Games of Federation (SGF) and has won many national-level competitions as well.
After getting trained in self-defense skills, she decided to start an initiative to impart training to other girls in the region.
Neha said girls need not and should not suffer in silence when they are victims of eve-teasing. “Girls should promptly report it and ensure the perpetrators are penalized.”
She said eve-teasing is a common issue in several parts of the country including in major cities. “Such incidents are now happening during daytime as well,” Neha said.
“We teach them how to respond if somebody catches their hand and tries to molest them. Once they learn basic tricks, most girls feel confident in stepping out of their homes,” she said.
“Often women brush aside such acts of harassment and many such cases are unreported. We should raise our voices against it. Self-defense tricks are important to learn,” she said.
Neha said society has progressed in terms of achieving women’s rights and safety “but in actuality, we are far from it.”
“It is woeful how women still find it worrisome to go about their daily lives, struggling and hustling to keep themselves safe,” she said.
They have started YouTube and Instagram channels titled ‘Selfdensewithbs’ to popularize the concept among youth. They train, perform and promote self-defense tricks at all levels.

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