Salt (Namkeen) tea should be restricted in hypertensive patients.
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Salt (Namkeen) tea should be restricted in hypertensive patients.

Post by on Monday, November 1, 2021

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Hypertension is a common disease nowadays and mostly patients don't take medicines and ignore it.
 Hypertension causes hypertensive cardiac diseases, brain strokes, neuropathy, eye related issues and other health problems.
 American Heart Association (AHA) recommends 1500 mg of salt per day Or even less 1000 mg per day approximately half teaspoon per day for hypertensive patients. Patients who take medicine and don't decrease salt intake are having uncontrolled high blood pressures. Patients who take antihypertensive medicine regularly, restrict  salt and go for destress activities are having good control of blood pressures. Regular check up with doctor is must.
Mostly patients leave medicine of their own and become erratic drug in takers which is more dangerous. Antihypertensive medicines should be taken regularly after proper consultation from treating doctor. Salt restriction and other life style modification activities are equally important for proper blood pressure control.
Salt (Namkeen) tea should be restricted in hypertensive patients.
Hypertension in pregnancy should be well treated in time to avoid pregnancy realated hypertensive complicaions.
Pregnant women needs regular consultation from treating doctor, only few medicines can be used in expecting mothers for BP control because of Teratogen and fetopathic adverse effects with many medicines.
 Mostly patients suffer from essential hypertension rather than secondary hypertension. Everyone above 40 years should go for regular BP checkup. Many patients present first time with organ damage due to hypertension. Take hypertension seriously to avoid long term and acute complications.

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