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Representing India my biggest achievement: Aqsa Gulzar

‘Worked very hard for this, aiming for more in future’

Post by on Thursday, August 4, 2022

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Aqsa Gulzar, the Kashmiri girl who won a bronze medal at the recently held Pencak Selat World Championship in Malaysia, said that representing the country in the international arena has been the biggest achievement of her sporting career so far.
Aqsa was a part of Indian contingent of Pencak Silat team consisting of 42 members including 36 men and women players, coaches, and staff from across the country.

Hailing from Nowshahra area of Srinagar city, Aqsa on had trained hard to be selected for this coveted championship.
“I have been working hard to achieve this. My aim was to target the gold, some minor mistakes cost me that opportunity,” Aqsa told Rising Kashmir.

The young athlete said she will work harder in the future and will perform better to make her country and Jammu and Kashmir proud.

"I have been playing Pencak silat since 2018 and have won two gold medals in Tanding class open 2 at national level," she said. Aqsa said she was playing in the junior category girls but this year she started playing in the senior category. 
 “My martial art journey started at the age of 7, and my father is my inspiration who is a martial arts player. I met coach Iqbal sir, who guided and taught me martial art and soon after which I restarted my sports journey by learning Pencak Silat, I was able to showcase my talent at national and international arenas.”

Being a girl she was initially criticized for choosing martial arts as a sport. “At the beginning of my sports career, I faced a lot of criticism; even some of the closest ones would advise me to quit the sport and to focus more on education. But as my game improved, my critics turned into appreciators,” she said.
She said that her parents have always supported her. “I have won two gold medals at the national level and have bagged a gold medal at Federation cup and now this is my first international event where I won a bronze medal. This has turned 2022 as my luckiest year as far as my sports journey so far is concerned,” she added.

Talking about the management of time bweteen practice and education, she said that due to unflinching support of her family she was able to participate in Pencak Silat training every day.

“I receive full support from my parents which made things easier for me,” she said.
She says that she is aiming to represent the country on the world’s highest platforms.

“Few events are due in coming months. That include Senior Asian Pencak Silat championship and World Beach Pencak Silat Championship - Cebu Philippines scheduled to be held in December 2022. My focus, as of now, will be training for those events,” she said.
 “And for next year (2023) I will prepare for Asian Indoor and Martial arts Games to be held in Thailand, an official event under Olympic Council of Asia.”
In a message to youths, especially girls, she said that they must chase their dreams and follow their passion.


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