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Renzushah demands to paint dome of Hazratbal shrine green

Post by on Monday, June 27, 2022

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Srinagar, June 26: Khwaja Farooq Renzushah, chairman JamaatAitqaadHanafi International (JAHI) addressed a public rally in Shahr-e-Khass, Srinagar.
According to a statement from the JAHI Renzushah said that for the last 70 years deliberate attempts were made to erase HanafiFiqa of Tasawuf in Kashmir and during the last few decades various divisive Firqa of hate introduced in Kashmir are bent to divide people and confuse them.
He said that their attempts to distract Kashmir from established spiritual traditions of last 700 years have proved fiasco because ‘FiqaHanafia’ among Sunnis and ‘FiqaJaffari’ among Shia based on love, unity, Aitqaad and Tasawuf has been accepted by 99% majority of Kashmir and strengthened by thousands of great Awaliyas based in Kashmir.
Renzushah pointed out that as per Hanafi doctrines and spiritual Tasawuf Great Prophet Rasool-e-Akram SAW is Hayat which is symbolised by spiritual Green colour. He said that the colour of the Tomb of MadinaMunawara has been kept green indicating explicitly that the Great Prophet is Hayaat (alive) on which Hanafi doctrine is based. He said that like tombs of all pagoda type Kashmiri structured shrines, the old shrine of Hazratbal was maintained in green colour. However, unfortunately, unscrupulous politicians of Kashmir having strong communist and naxalite ideology not only are instrumental in stealing Moy-e-Muqadas from the holy shrine in 1962 for the sake of vote politics but later on similar “vote vultures” dismantled Green tomb and green chamber oriented Deodar wood pagoda type structure.
Management of the Holy shrine of HazratNiyama Sahib, including Farooq Punjabi, Bilal Ahmad honoured Renzushah with a turban of honour.
He also appealed to the divisional administration to immediately paint the Tomb of Holy Hazratbal shrine green.

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