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Reforming education
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Reforming education

Post by on Tuesday, February 1, 2022

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Effective education system holds key in the progress of a society as it plays an inevitable role in the growth and development of a nation. It also helps in achieving high academic standards. Many experts are of the opinion that there is a dire need to regenerate or rejuvenate our education system. If we try to assess the condition of our educational system we face few unpleasant things. Perhaps the situation on ground looks different. Over the years, our education system is in a bad shape and reflects the deteriorating condition of our society. We must find out that what are the factors that are responsible for this state of affairs? It is not only our primary educational system that has derailed, but the secondary school setup has shown us that this segment of the system too has lost track of itself. How ironic that at certain places we don’t have enough teachers, at some other places we completely lack infrastructure and there are also some places where we don’t have a structure to house the school in. In this kind of a situation what can one expect from the education system? The colleges and universities too have the same story to narrate. That is why the standard of our higher education is going down the tube. We may have hundreds of reasons to justify the mess, but that is not the solution to the problem. There is no doubt in the fact that Jammu & Kashmir faced much political turbulence in the past  but now  there is need to move forward and try to do whatever is possible. Although it is very difficult to set things right overnight, but the beginning has to be made. If we can correct our education system the rest will follow.  Establishing new colleges, universities and schools is good but to support them with adequate infrastructure and human resource is equally important. Many educationists also suggest that teachers should be rated on the basis of their performance and the schools which are found to be deficient in performance their staff should be taken to task. That will help in the improvement and strengthening educational system of the UT. Furthermore, we need to upgrade the infrastructure of already established institutions of education. In order to move ahead of worn out things, Government needs to consult experts to frame a comprehensive policy that can address the lacunae in our education system. Present education system demands immense amount of hard work if the aim is to excel in providing quality education.


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