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Rana releases Dogri album, calls for societal role for preservation, promotion of Dogri

Post by on Tuesday, April 26, 2022

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Jammu, April 25: Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana today called for a big societal role in preservation and promotion of Dogri, suggesting that a corpus fund could be a viable initiative to put this sweet language on a wider canvass through various mediums like film and music industry.
He said, “Language is the identity of any nation, community and ethnicity and therefore we must bequeath our posterity the sweetest and richest mother tongue of their ancestors”.
Former ministers and senior BJP leaders Pawan Gupta, Rajiv Jasrotia, PremSagar Aziz, Naryan Singh and Chairman Team Jammu, Zorawar Singh Jamwal also spoke on the occasion.
DevenderRana was speaking after releasing a Dogri album ‘DuduBasantgarh Di Guchhi’, penned and directed by Mohan Singh Slathia, sung by Raman Slathia, Nirbhay Singh Slathia, SurinderManhas and VanshikaJaral , composed by Nirbhay Singh Slathia , Music Directed by Surinder Singh Manhas  while DOP Editing and Grade is by K K Malhotra Films.
Rana also pleaded for formulating a SPV for preservation and development of Parmandal – the ChottaKashi-- Devak, Old heritage temples, heritage ponds and Durbargarh- the Mubarak Mandi Complex, saying that these are the real treasure which have been inherited and, therefore, these need to be preserved and developed in a big way.
Referring to the popularity of Punjabi beyond regional and continental boundaries, the senior BJP leader said this has been possible because of the overwhelming support of the people, diasporas, film and music industry. 

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