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Rampant use of food additives, chemicals and harmful substances

Post by on Saturday, November 6, 2021

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 Rampant use of food additives, chemicals and harmful substances like ajino moto needs to be restricted at each level.

As educated, aware citizens we need to take steps to ensure that we eat healthy food.
 1. Don't promote chefs to chemical colouring agents. 
2. Don't allow chefs to use artificial colours and  ajino moto in wazwan
3. Check for Ajino moto free labels on packed items. 
4. Dine at MSG free restaurants.
5. Read their ingredient list on packaged foods before buying. 
6. Stress upon the authorities to promote the culture of having more additive chemical-free and Ajino moto-free outlets.
7. Informing the customer beforehand about the presence or absence of Ajinomoto in the preparations for their safety. 
8. Proactive role of food regulating authorities for Chemical and ingredient analysis regularly.
9. Awareness and Education at every level highlighting the need to avoid such dubious ingredients in our food. 
10. The nutrition divisions need to plan and organize an awareness campaign on the ill effects of ajinomoto.
11.  Its time that the state government considers a law against use of ajinomoto in food items.
12. Keep your food safe from harmful chemicals.
Dr Nasir Shamas
Consultant Physician, JLNM Hospital, Srinagar 

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