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Pulwama science graduate takes to social media for promotion of Kashmiri language

Post by on Monday, July 25, 2022

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Pulwama, July 24:  Tauqeer Ashraf a resident of Gusoo village in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district has taken to social media for promotion of Kashmiri language.
Tauqeer is a science graduate and has taken to different social networking sites including You Tube, Instagram and Facebook for promotion of Kashmiri language.
Talking to Rising Kashmir Tauqeer told that it was in November of 2019 he launched Kosher Praw ( Kosher means Kashmiri, Praw means shines) across these social media platforms.
Tauqeer is a poet and writes in three languages Kashmiri, Urdu and English.
He said that he used to read a lot of Kashmiri poetry.
“The poetry of Sheikh Noor u Din Noorani inspired me,” he said, adding that he felt a need to transmit it to younger generation.
 Sheikh Noor u Din, who is also remembered as Noor u Din Wali and Alamdar-e –Kashmir, was a famous sufi saint, poet and Islamic preacher of 14 centuary Kashmir. His poetry collection, Kalaam- e – Sheikh ul Aalam , is highly revered by people in Kashmir.
“The new generation don’t understand Kashmiri, they speak Urdu or English,” he said, adding that learning other languages is a good thing but not at the cast of the mother tongue.
“We must love and promote Kashmiri,” he said.
The young poet has been posting Kashmiri poetry with English translation on You Tube, Instagram and Facebook for past one year and eight months for promotion of Kashmiri language.
He said that he chooses poems by Sheikh Noor u Din predominantly. However, poems of other stalwarts of Kashmir like Rasul Mir, Shams Faqeer and Wahab Khaar are also included.
“The younger generation understands the Kashmiri with English translation,” he said, adding that he receives many messages from viewers wishing him success.
 “Each day I post a transcribed video,” he said, adding that in the beginning the videos would get few views but now the response is immense.
He added that apart from poetry; he uploads Kashmiri puzzles, phrases and idioms.
“Viewers take a keen interest in these videos,” he said, adding that he gets excited after receiving messages from non-natives expressing their willingness to learn Kashmiri. 

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