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Prices issued by CAPD don’t apply to us: JKMPCL

‘Some miscreants misleading public by spreading false rumours’

Post by on Friday, June 24, 2022

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Jammu and Kashmir Milk Producers Cooperative Limited (JKMPCL) on Thursday said that the prices issued by Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution (CAPD) (Department of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs) do not apply to Cooperative and termed the allegations of non-compliance with prices as per notification by CAPD as “baseless and rumors with the intention of misleading the public and farmers”. Rumor  
In a statement issued here, a JKMPCL spokesman has said that the ulterior motive of such individuals or groups is to promote private dairies and once again exploit small and marginal farmers.
Clarifying its position, the spokesman said that “baseless allegations of non-compliance with prices as per notification by CAPD (Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution) is being raised by these individuals / group against JKMPCL”. “The prices issued by CAPD do not apply to JKMPCL or any other dairy organization dealing in processed packed milk. In addition, the notification itself states that the prices are within Jammu Municipality limits and for loose milk,” he said. 
He added that JKMPCL is one of the few cooperatives in the state which is functioning successfully as per J&K Self Reliance Act’99. “It procures milk directly from 40,000 farmers through its Village Dairy Cooperative Societies based on the quality of milk i.e., Fat & SNF (Solid Non-Fat) content of milk. JKMPCL also goes as far as the last border villages in J&K and thus incurs cost of transportation, chilling, processing, and packaging as well as provides the quality pasteurized fresh milk & milk products to consumers in compliance with the standards of ‘FSSAI’ (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).” 
The spokesman said that the growing popularity of cooperative movement in India and J&K has resulted in the prosperity of farmers in which JKMPCL has played an important role and has reduced the influence of middlemen and private dairy vendors.
“Unfortunately, this success of farmer led institutions has irked & unnerved their vested interested and hence, they are resorting to cheap tactics to malign JKMPCL.”
He said that JKMPCL is the largest dairy cooperative brand based out of UT of Jammu & Kashmir. It is owned by 40,000 farmers and it daily collects 1,30,000 liters of milk from 821 village dairy co-operative societies across 15 districts of Jammu & Kashmir. JKMPCL had a provisional turnover of Rs. 227 crores in the financial year 2021-22, with a CAGR of 48 percent in the last 4 years. 
“Being a farmer owned co-operative, JKMPCL pays more than 80 percent of its sales revenue to the dairy farmers i.e., for every Rs. 100 spent by customer, farmers get more than Rs. 80. During the last 2 years of Covid, JKMPCL acted as the lone source of income for numerous small & marginal farmers and paid more than Rs. 325 Crore of income to them.” 
He said that JKMPCL will continue to serve the farmers as well as the consumers of the state by providing remunerative price to the farmers for their milk and charging reasonable price for its quality products from the consumers.

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