Polycystic ovarian disease
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Polycystic ovarian disease

How to prevent and manage through Unani system of medicine

Post by on Thursday, August 12, 2021

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Polycystic ovarian disease is emerging disease of females which can lead to many complications in later on life. It has been studied that 20% of women suffering from infertility have underlying PCOD as cause, it is basically hormonal dysfunctional disease of reproductive system in females having its origin just before a girl enters puberty as at this stage of life a female  undergoes enormous hormonal biological emotional and behavioural changes. Unhealthy eating habits, cravings for junk food, lack of physical exercise and excessive burden of work leads to weight gain which further complicates this phenomenon. 
Commonly faced issues are irregular periods, absence of menstruation for months together, scanty menstrual flow, along with this obesity, facial hair growth, excessive hair fall, sometimes very profound acne over face. If left untreated over years can lead to infertility, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome etc. Unani system of medicine has mentioned PCOD in detail over different occasions, while going through text of Rhazes, Hippocrates, Ibn Sena and Ismail Jurjani, it can be concluded that alteration of normal temperament of women and more shift towards cold temperament ( sue mizaj barid) leads to alteration in internal environment of women’s body and status of equilibrium is disturbed leading to formation of some unwanted material which are excreted through pores of skin in form of acne and excessive thick hair, and this material also gets accumulated on ovaries in form of cysts. Our eminent Unani physicians deal PCOD under ‘sues mizaj barid balghami’ as cold temperament is due to formation of humour phlegm. Also Unani physicians studied that early teenage of women’s life is predominated by phlegm that’s why phlegmatic disorders are more likely to occur at this stage.
 For effective management and prevention of PCOD not only drug therapy is required but also life style modifications should be kept in mind. 
The main aim of Unani treatment in women with pcod is 
ilaj bil ghiza(dietotherapy) diet should be light nutritious easily digestible, use of fibrous food including green leafy vegetables fruits, avoid cold and dry food, heavy foods, spicy and junk foods, drink plenty of water.
ilaj bil tadbeer ( regimental therapy ), regular excercise brisk walk, weight management through steam bath( hammam e yabis),to induce menstruation wet cupping is done on lower limbs.
ilaj bil dawa (pharmacotherapy) detoxification of body, strengthening female reproductive system and regularising menstrual cycle, rectifying hormonal imbalance by using Unani medicine.
Drugs usually given from Unani system of medicine are either single herbs or compound formulations single herbs can be taken as hot tea (joshanda) or powder, compound formulations usually come in form of semisolid tablet powder syrup. I would like to mention names of some herbs effective in pcod with modern scientific work on it, Junniper berry, neem satavar, daarchini,spearmint,aleo vera, fenugreek ,puncture wine, kalonji and compound formulations like safoofe darchini sharbate ersa habe mudir etc.
If PCOD is diagnosed in women, either taking allopathic medicine or Unani medicine it’s not alone drugs which will work, person has to take active participation in alleviating this disease, for this purpose following measures can be taken:
Keep your BMI on check.
Healthy and balanced diet with fewer carbohydrates and more fibres.
Brisk walk for 15 min daily u should be sweaty and energetic at the end of session.
Live a stress free life by meditation yoga prayers. 
This article is just for adding knowledge, if you have any problem it require proper examination investigations treatment, please visit health care professional. Do not visit quacks 
(Author is Unani physician, Dept of ISM Govt of Jammu and Kashmir. Email: taletnayak88@gmail.com)
Box: If PCOD is diagnosed in women, either taking allopathic medicine or Unani medicine it’s not alone drugs which will work, person has to take active participation in alleviating this disease

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