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Pol dynasties kept people busy with unachievable goals, emotional slogans for their gains: Syed Altaf Bukhari

Post by on Friday, July 1, 2022

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Shopian, June 30: Apni Party (AP) president Syed Mohammad AltafBukhari Thursday said that the dynasty-driven politics has ruined the people of Kashmir as the political families have always kept them busy with emotional slogans and unattainable ambitions to remain in power.
According to a statement by the party, he was addressing a huge rally at Wachi in south Kashmir’s Shopian district on Thursday.
AltafBukhari extended his gratitude to the people for their participation in the rally despite hot and humid temperatures.
Addressing the gathering, Bukhari explained that the Apni Party has been formed to “put an end to the political exploitation of the people of Kashmir by dynastic political parties,” the statement said.
“We know it as a matter of fact that these families who have been at the helm of affairs for years and decades have always been exploiting common people to attain power, and once they achieved power, they kept innocent people busy with unrealistic and emotional slogans. They used poor people as cannon fodder for their personal and political gains,” he said.
He accused the “traditional politicians” of alluring people and took their votes promising that they will get self-rule in J&K.
“Now, you must ask them where is that self-rule? Why don’t they talk about it now? Now we see them tweeting whenever someone is killed. But, what about the killings and massacres that occurred when these traditional politicians were at the helm of affairs? In fact, they meant self-rule for themselves. They have a single-point agenda which is to establish their political dominance and remain in power for several generations. To achieve their goals, they use people as cannon fodder,” Bukhari added.
Apni Party leader further said that unlike these typical political parties and their leaders, AP does not try to sell some unachievable narrative to the people. We cannot mislead the innocent masses and risk their lives. We are focusing on what we believe is achievable. We want sustained peace, permanent prosperity, and the development of Jammu and Kashmir because we strongly believe that the people of this region deserve the same. Why should our youth continue to grapple with poverty, unemployment, inflation, and so on? Our youth deserve a respectable life and a promising future.
He promised that the Apni Party will continue to work for the empowerment of the people. He said, “Apni Party will make every effort to ensure political and economic empowerment of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.”

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